Hackers will empty your bank account in the name of Google Chrome Update

Cyber ​​Criminals keep finding new ways to make users their victims, which makes it very difficult to identify them.
Reports are also there that, Android Malware BlackRock, through which users’ data was being stolen. Now cyber security agency Proofpoint has given information about the new scam in one of its reports.
Fraud in the name of Google Chrome update

According to the report, cybercriminals are using fake Google Chrome update. In the name of Google Chrome update, users are becoming a victim of it. Caution and avoidance of this type of scam is important.
Hackers can clear your bank account through this scam.

Scam in the name of Internet Explorer too
Scammers are executing this scam not just in Google Chrome, but also in the name of Internet Explorer. One variant of this scam also works on Microsoft Internet Explorer, so in addition to Chrome users, Internet Explorer users also need to be alert.
Google Chrome users should not update Chrome from any random website. To update Chrome, you should go to your browser settings and update. This is the easiest and safest way to update the browser.

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