Best Smart Watches You must Look For when you think of buying one.

Cool, multifunctional, beautifully designed smartwatches you would love to adorn on your wrist

In this article, I am going to discuss two best Smartwatches you must look for when you think of buying one. These are cool, multifunctional, beautifully designed smartwatches you would really love to adorn on your wrist and feel proud of it.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Large (Plum/Silver) (Imported)

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Large (Plum/Silver) (Imported)
Best Smartwatches
Best Smart Watches You must Look For when you think of buying one.

Starting with its design, this smartwatch is sleek, plum/silver color multifunctional, built with advanced technology which sets you apart from the crowd when you talk about style and substance. The amazing functions it performs for you apart from its basic function, which is to show you time, is tremendous.

Let’s just talk about it. This smartwatch has a lot of functionality which is meant for your health and fitness.

It enhances your daily workout as it monitors your performance stats and keeps a record of your progress. You can track your active minutes, a number of steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and also check the intensity of your workout by seeing simplified heart rate zones.

It provides wrist-based heart rate monitoring, and gives pure pulse continuous, therefore no need to wear those uncomfortable chest straps.
There are also sleep tracking functionality, call, text, and calendar notifications, which allows you to keep track of your whole day activities.

The functionality of this Smartwatch also allows you to easily personalize your style according to the occasion. You can easily customize your clock faces with different colors with the help of hires color touchscreen and also there are interchangeable band and frames which helps in styling as per your need.

This smartwatch is GPS enabled, easily customizable, multifunctional device that really makes you look cool and stylish.

Fitbit Ionic FB503GYBK Smartwatch (Smoke Gray)

Fitbit Ionic FB503GYBK Smartwatch (Smoke Gray)
Best Smartwatches
Best Smart Watches You must Look For when you think of buying one.

This is another top-class smartwatch you must definitely look for when you think of buying one. Again the features and functionality are mind-boggling.

The design of this watch is a large face watch with a sleek metallic design, and the display is bright, which makes you wear it all day, every day.

It comes with a package that has both large and small size bands. It has an inbuilt GPS.

The brightness can be increased up to 1000 units and has increased pixels, operating temperature is 4 to 113-degree Fahrenheit, maximum operating altitude is 30,000 feet.

Now let’s talk about its features.

First of all, the most important feature that everyone wants to have in their respective devices the battery life.

This device has 10 hours of GPS battery life and Smartwatch has 4 days and more battery life which is amazing in itself.

This smartwatch has functionality that provides you step by step coaching during the workout and provides you dynamic personalized workouts. Isn’t it amazing?
You can track your pace, distance, and routes with built-in GPS and also get pure pulse continuous heart rate.

It also provides call, text, calendar alerts and gives you access to various apps like sports, weather, and can make payments on the go with the built-in NFC chip.

You can also store and play 300 and more songs and can download a playlist from pandora.

It has also built-in payment features.
It has also swim-proof Fitbit ionic so that you can also do swim workouts and can track lap counting, duration and calorie burned.

It has integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and also a GPS antenna which helps in making a strong connection with the satellites in space and helps accurate tracking.

You also get in it personalized cardio fitness score which helps you in better understanding of your fitness level and how you can improve it over time.

You can track your swims, rides, all-day activity, and sleep with this amazing device.

These two watches are the best choice when it comes to buying a smartwatch because of its multi-functionality and amazing design.

However, these are costly watches but when you are looking for quality, never compromise for price. These are not only providing you with a watch but have so many additional features that make up for its high looking price.

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