Make money online videos on youtube are mostly fake.

I was searching for ways to make money online on youtube and I found not a single genuine way instead it is full of garbage. People are simply putting useless time-killing methods to earn money online. They do not get you even a single penny. Its all business and nothing more than that. People have got a platform to make videos and upload them and earn money through it by fooling the audience. In fact, the best way to earn money online today is to fool people through youtube videos. It in fact pays you a decent income only thing is that you have to master the art of fooling your audience. So what you could find in common in these types of online money making videos?

Here are some:
A nice attractive clickbait claiming that you could earn $1000 or $500 or $4000 or $50000 and so on by doing this or doing that, no skills required etcetera etcetera.

These types of YouTubers will come up with some found websites from the internet and promote it encouraging you to work on it with their false claims that you could earn a decent or maybe a lot of money from it.

They will give you baseless ideas on how to do it which actually never works in reality. For example, they will tell you to promote any product on Facebook or Instagram or twitter and you could earn through selling your product but when you try to do it these platforms will never allow you to promote your product. They will reject your promotion and will never accept your promotional links on their platforms.

These YouTubers will also boost about themselves that they have earned huge amount by adopting these methods and show you their earning proof through some tricks so that you could be easily convinced that they are explaining something very genuine and some of them share the links of the respective website which is nothing but their referral link through which when you sign up they make some more bucks.

In reality, when you try to replicate their methods you do not earn anything but else shut your laptop in frustration and disappointment. In reality, you cannot earn without skills and hard work. There are no short cuts for success and those who claim that they have earned this and that amount without any skills is simply fooling you and killing your time and benefiting themselves. There is no limit of the fake spammy website which actually kills your time and nothing else and these YouTubers promote them to get views and earn money through it. So, never waste your time watching those videos and most importantly implying their fraud and false methods. Instead, upskill yourself and do something productive.

I can guarantee you the claims made by them of earning huge amounts even though blogging is not genuine. Yes, they must have earned something but not the amount they are claiming. They speak an utter lie. Use your discretion instead of simply being convinced of whatever they made claims. No ad network will pay you a huge amount on your blog overnight. First of all your content needs to be highly unique and of good quality, and it takes a really good amount of time and effort to make it reach your visitors so that they may read your content. It is not that easy and those who claim that they earned 1000, 2000, 3000 and so on dollars on their blogs are simply bullshit.

Most of the things related to making money online on youtube are completely false and are only done for attracting viewership and getting benefited through it. If you have skills then you can earn through some reputed platforms like, but you need to have patience because there also it is not easy to get a project for the newbie, as the clients prefer mostly those who had already completed numerous task before. Even these platforms could not be taken as a consistent source of income as it all depends on winning bid for the applied project. Yes, you could make money through it every now and then but not in a consistent manner. Overall, if you see in reality, there are very few genuine options available online otherwise its all full of shit. (Please don’t mind my language)

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